Roy Davis JR featuring Bear Who? | Rocklights
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Roy Davis Jr. was raised on Chicago house music and for over 20 years he’s helped the sound evolve. Davis is the host of the Scion Radio 17 show Chicago Urban House Radio and last year contributed his track “I Have a Vision” to the Scion A/V Remix project. Now he’s returned to the series with “Rock Lights” and this time he’s joined on vocals by fellow Chicago mainstay Bear Who? with four new devastating remixes.

Rocklights (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Atlanta’s Treasure Fingers gives his take on “Rock Lights” some of the classic glitch, stutter and urgency that has made him a consistent killer in electro scene. Starting the track off with a basic beat and a tiny tease of Bear Who?’s vocal line, Treasure Fingers keeps the listener guessing, building his remix into an insistent dancefloor destroyer.

Rocklights (Junior Sanchez Remix)

Dance music legend Junior Sanchez offers an epic remix of “Rock Lights” Boogie horns, Latin percussion, digital distortion, robo-vocals shifts, bass breakdowns, explosions…they’re all in there, co-existing courtesy of genius-level composition skills. The only thing predictable about this remix is that Sanchez kills it. 

Rocklights (Mighty Mouse Remix)

London electro duo Mighty Mouse bring up the crunch of the bassline and add a sci-fi cinematic touch to “Rock Lights” On their nearly eight-minute interpretation they let the momentum build slowly before bringing in the hook on a sparkling wave of synth. From there the track belongs in the realm of warm-hearted disco, mesmerizing dancers with an extra celestial groove.

Rocklights (Bryan Jones Remix)

Keeping it in the realm of classics, Bryan Jones offers his take on fellow Chicagoan Roy Davis Jr. While the original version of “Rock Lights” struts, Jones’ version bounces. The drums snap and pop as Bear Who?’s words pogo over the track, creating a jittery and jacked-up remix.


The original version of “Rock Lights” is a futuristic club jammer and perfect example of Davis’ ability to master genres beyond the soulful house he is known for. The track’s strut runs on lazer power and is packed with arena smashing sounds. The cut has some definite mirrored sunglasses and leather attitude. And the crowd goes wild.

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